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APF U-PVC pressure and non-pressure pipes Applicable Standards


U-PVC (unplasticized polyvinylchloride) pipes are excellent resistance to aggressive environments both naturally occurring and as a result of industrial activity. Unclassified dark grey U-PVC pipes (available in black upon request).

The APF factory capacity to produce U-PVC pipe outside diameters ranging from 16mm to 630mm under varies nominal pressures starting 2PN up to 16 PN as per the Ethiopian standards which are identical to ISO standards.


Advantages of APF U-PVC products

Corrosion:  PVC pressure pipes remain unaffected by all types of corrosion.

Abrasion: Excellent resistance to abrasion as compared to other traditional materials.

Water-tightness: Solvent  cement  and  push  fit  rubber ring  jointing  systems  provide  a  perfect  sealing  of  network connections.

Water Hammer Resistance: reduced water hammer effects due to slower surge celerity (at one third the rate of metal).

Hydraulicity: excellent hydraulic coefficient (k=0.01) ensuring negligible head loss and reduced pumping cost.

Shock  resistance: APF  pipes  have  exceptional  shock resistance  qualities;  they  show  absolutely no  damage  or deformations under impact tests.

Installation: Spectacular weightlessness permits easy installation of pipes.

Food grade: no influence on the quality of drinking water, and no alteration of its composition.

Due to its non-metallic nature, the material used is totally resistant to all forms of metallic corrosion. Aggressive water resulting from high sulphate soils and low hardness water will not attack UPVC pipes. Our pipes are therefore resistant to a wide range of industrial waters, chemicals and offer its advantage in long-term systems life and manufacture costs.



Drinking water supply for public, private, or industrial Networks

• Sewrage systems

• Sewage water mains

• Piping for conveyance of liquid foodstuffs and industrial liquids

• Underground irrigation systems

Threading machine

Threading U-PVC pipe is used for mechanically joining two sections of the plastic tubing. This process is used for containing higher pressures, greater than 6.3 (bar). Typically, threading U-PVC pipe is also employed for deep submersible well applications, where unusual stress due to long lengths is placed on the piping. They are delivered with male/female threads at their ends. The color and Lengths of casings & screen pipes to be specified upon customer`s request.

threading machine1

Screen slotting machine

APF are providing a wide range of UPVC Casing Pipes, which are used in various underground water-carrying applications. Our UPVC Casing Pipes are offered in various diameters staring from 75mm up to 315mm mm and are demanded for quality features.

slotting machine


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