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About Us

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sub logoThe Amhara pipe factory has a modern (jk2012 PVC pipe threading &screen slotting machine) to produce Internal and External threading (BOX&PIN). The PVC threading machine and slotting machine have a modern high technology programs and automatic motion made in USA. Manufactured conforming to ISO: 12818, DIN 4925 (part I to III) and ASTM F 480.


የአማራ ፓይፕ ፋብሪካ የ2012 በጀት አመት የጥራት ግቦች

  1. በበጀት አመቱ ጥራታቸው የተረጋገጠ 9486.40 ሜትሪክ ቶን  ፒቪሲ፣ ኤችዲፒ እና ፒፒአር ፓይፖች እንዲሁም ጅኦሜብሬን እና ግሪን ሃዉስ ሽቶቺን ፣ በማምረት ደንበኞችን ማርካት፡፡
  2. ከተለያዩ የምርት አይነቶች (ፒቪሲ፣ ኤችዲፒ እና ፒፒአር ፓይፖች እንዲሁም ጅኦሜብሬን እና ግሪን ሃዉስ ሽቶቺን) በመሸጥ ብር 710,001,300.61 ሽያጭ በማከናወን ብር 140,248,280.42 ያልተጣራ ትርፍ ማግኘት፡፡
  3. የተወሰነውን የጥሬ እቃ ፍላጎት  323.94 ቶን ግድፈት ያለበትን ምርት ለዳግም ዑደት በማምረት መሸፈን፡፡  
  4. ብልሽት ያለባቸው ምርቶች (scrap) መጠንን  ፒቪሲ ከ10% በታች፣ ኤችዲፒ ከ5%በታች ፣ጅኦሜብሬን ከ3% በታች፣ ፒፒአር ከ5% በታች፣ ግሪንሃዉስ ከ3% በታች  ማድረስ::
  5.  ከባለፈዉ አመት አፈፃፀም በመነሳት 7010.29 ቶን ጥሬ እቃ ግዢ መፈፀም፡፡
  6. የማሽን የምርት ማቆም (down time) ከ30% በታች ማድረስ፡፡
  7. ምቹ የስራ ሁኔታ በመፍጠር የሰራተኛ ፍልሰትን ከ10% በታች ማድረግ.
  8. ISO 9001:2015 የጥራት አመራር ስታንዳርድ በተሟላ ሁኔታ በመተግበር የምንሰጠው የምርትና አገልግሎት ከዋጋ፣ ጥራትና አቅርቦት አንጻር የደንበኛን መስፈርት መቶ በመቶ ያሟላ እንዲሆን ማድረግ ፡፡  

  1. To earn total income of birr 710,001,300.61 get gross profit of 140,248,280.42 birr from the factory’s manufactured products in the budget year.
  2. To produce 9486.40 metric tons of quality pipes and sheet products.
  3. Reducing the amount of scrap produced by maintaining it below 10% for UPVC,HDPE 5% and below 3% for other production lines throughout the budget year.
  4. To recycle 323.94 ton of the scrap and reuse it again.
  5. Reducing machine down times and Idle time below 30% of the total working hours calculated for all production lines.
  6. 100% assured product, service, and quality as per customer’s requirement.
  7. To purchase 7010.29 tons of the raw material needed for the production of UPVC,HDPE & PPR Pipes , Geomenbrem, and green house sheet raw material which will keep the production in uninterrupted manner by considering possible machine down time and last year’s performance.
  8. Create conducive work environment to maintain employee turnover below 10%.
  9. Full implementation of KAIZEN and ISO 9001:2015 systems and insuring Conformances of our products and services to customers’ requirements with regard of price, quality and delivery and attain excellent rating (100%.) 
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